IPAGCon 2023


第二届 国际表演艺术研究生学术研讨会议

1 – 2 November 2023
Faculty of Music and performing arts, UPSI



Persatuan Pasca Siswazah Fakulti Muzik dan Seni Persembahan




What is IPAG?

This conference is the fourth e-conference organised by the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts in an effort to encourage internationalisation. This is the 2nd year, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts postgraduate program organised International Performing Arts Graduates Conference. Academics and researchers, particularly graduate students from the social sciences and inter-disciplinary literature departments, are invited to present their research, ideas, and findings. UPSI, a prestigious academic institution, thinks that original research, intellectual talents, and creative ideas in a variety of sectors are crucial for constructing and moulding an optimistic, humane, and healthy society.The conference provides a hospitable and knowledgeable atmosphere for fostering international discourse and social networks to promote, sustain, and strengthen the growth of inter-disciplinary branches of knowledge in the global ranking



本次会议是音乐与表演艺术学院(FMSP)促进国际化的交流和对话而举办的第四次线上会议。今年是音乐与表演艺术学院研究生项目举办国际表演艺术毕业生会议的第二年。我们邀请所有学术和研究人员,特别是来自社会科学和跨学科文学系的研究生,积极的在会议上展示自己的研究、想法和发现。作为一所享有盛誉的学术机构,UPSI (苏丹伊德里斯教育大学)认为各行各业的原创性研究、知识人才和创造性想法对于建设和塑造一个乐观、仁爱与和谐会至关重要。会议提供了一个热情好客、知识渊博的氛围,以促进国际对话和社会网络,从而推动、维持加强跨学科知识在全球排名中的增长。




“Shaping the Future through Artistry.”

Shaping the Future Through Art is a theme that highlights the transformational power of artistic expression and its capacity to shape and affect the future. It acknowledges that art in all its forms has the capacity to transcend boundaries, question norms, and inspire transformation. Artistry, whether in the visual arts, literature, music, dance, or any other creative media, has a unique capacity to capture the essence of human experiences, emotions, and ideas. It can spark thought, ignite the imagination, and build empathy, so creating a space for conversation and comprehension. By investigating and addressing social, political, environmental, or technological issues through art, artists are able to shed light on critical issues and create alternative futures. Art may challenge the status quo, question dominant beliefs, and present new viewpoints that prompt critical thought and motivate action. Frequently, artists operate as visionaries, imagining possibilities that may not yet exist and introducing them to the world. They have the capacity to inspire hope, optimism, and resiliency by presenting glimpses of a brighter future or by emphasising the costs of inaction. Through their ingenuity and imagination, artists are aware of and respond to significant issues, generate dialogue, and catalyse societal change. In addition, art has the ability to shape culture and society. It may challenge prejudices, break down barriers, and provide platforms for underrepresented voices to be heard. Art can inspire inclusion, encourage conversation, and advance social justice by offering a variety of perspectives. Shaping the Future Through Artistry recognises that art has the capacity to act as a catalyst for change, enabling us to envision and actively engage in the creation of a more fair, sustainable, and compassionate future. It celebrates artists’ role as catalysts, innovators, and storytellers who utilise their creativity to rethink possibilities, challenge conventions, and encourage communal action.



 ” 通过艺术塑造未来 ” 这一主题突出了艺术表现形式的变革力量及其塑造和影响未来的能力。它承认各种形式的艺术都有能力超越界限、质疑规范并激发变革。无论是视觉艺术、文学、音乐、舞蹈,还是其他任何创造性媒体,艺术都具有捕捉人类经验、情感和思想精髓的独特能力。它可以引发思考、点燃想象力、建立共鸣,从而为对话和理解创造空间。通过艺术调查和解决社会、政治、环境或技术问题,艺术家能够揭示关键问题,创造另一种未来。艺术可以挑战现状,质疑主流观念,提出新的观点,促使人们进行批判性思考并激励人们采取行动。艺术家经常作为远见者,想象可能尚不存在的可能性,并将其介绍给世界。他们有能力通过展示美好未来的曙光或强调不作为的代价,激发人们的希望、乐观和韧性。通过他们的聪明才智和想象力,艺术家们能够意识到重大问题并做出回应,引发对话,促进社会变革。此外,艺术还具有塑造文化和社会的能力。它可以挑战偏见,打破壁垒,为代表不足的声音提供表达平台。艺术可以激发包容、鼓励对话,并通过提供各种视角促进社会公正。会议主题 ” 通过艺术塑造未来 ” 认为,艺术有能力成为变革的催化剂,使我们能够设想并积极参与创造一个更加公平、可持续和富有同情心的未来。它颂扬艺术家作为催化剂、创新者和故事讲述者的作用,他们利用自己的创造力重新思考各种可能性,挑战传统,并鼓励社区行动。

About The Organiser


In 1997, following the establishment of UPSI as a university, a music and arts department was included within the Faculty of Social Science and Arts. After several years a restructure of faculties occurred and, for the first time at UPSI, an independent Faculty of Music and Arts was created. Further refinement and growth led, in 2010, to the present form of the Faculty as the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. This faculty offers a growing range of programmes and degrees in music, theatre, and dance. These highly regarded degrees are offered at Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral levels. The Faculty of Music and Performing Arts cherishes the diversity of local and global musical and performing arts traditions. It has world-renowned and specialist teachers and researchers in a wide range of music and performing arts styles which are targeted to meet the needs and expectations of professional working in the current global market. Our courses encompass the rich and diverse range of Malaysian ethnic music, both traditional and contemporary, in addition to our performing arts traditions. We are equally proud of the wide scope of courses in Western Art, World and Popular Music in addition to courses in Contemporary Theatre and Dance.

1997 年,UPSI 成为一所大学后,社会科学与艺术学院内设立了音乐与艺术系。经过几年的院系重组,UPSI 首次成立了独立的音乐与艺术系。2001经过进一步的完善和发展,音乐与表演艺术学院正式更名为音乐与表演艺术学院。该学院提供音乐、戏剧、舞蹈专业课程和学位。除此之外,其他音乐相关课程与学位正不断增加与筹办。这些备受赞誉的学位分为专科、学士、硕士和博士学位。音乐与表演艺术学院珍视本地和全球音乐与表演艺术传统的多样性。学院拥有世界享誉盛名的专业教师和研究人员,教授各种音乐和表演艺术风格的课程,以满足当前全球市场上音乐相关专业人士的需求和期望。除表演艺术传统外,我们的课程还包括丰富多样的马来西亚传统和现代民族音乐。除了当代戏剧和舞蹈课程外,我们还开设了西方艺术、世界音乐和流行音乐课程,这同样令我们引以为豪。



Implementation Plan


Call For Submissions


The 2nd International Performing Arts Graduates Conference (2nd IPAGCon 2023) is pleased to announce its call for submissions. On November 1st and 2nd, 2023, the conference will take place virtually with the theme "Shaping the Future through Artistry." The 2nd IPAGCon 2023 intends to provide a forum for performing arts graduates from all around the world to exchange their research, ideas, and experiences. This conference allows participants the chance to engage in inter-disciplinary dialogue, investigate emerging trends, and contribute to the growth of the performing arts field. We appreciate papers from performing arts graduates, researchers, practitioners, and academics from all performing arts-related disciplines. Possible presentation and discussion topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Pedagogical Innovations In The Performing Arts
Intersectionality In Performing Arts
Technological Influences On The Performing Arts
Contemporary Issues In Dance, Music, And Other Forms Of Performing Arts
Collaboration And Inter-Disciplinary Performances
Future Of The Performing Arts In The Digital Age
Diversity And Representation Of Cultures In The Performing Arts
Community Engagement And Performing Arts
Preservation Of Tradition And Heritage

The accepted formats for submissions are research papers and case studies. All suggestions will be subjected to a rigorous peer review by subject matter experts.

Join us at the 2nd IPAGCon 2023 to actively engage dialogues, network with fellow professionals, and contribute artistically to the shaping of the future. We expect your participation at this fascinating event.

第二届国际表演艺术毕业生大会(第二届 IPAGCon 2023)诚恳的向世界各地的学者、专家、学生们征集会议论文。会议将于 2023 年 11 月 1 日和 2 日以线上方式举行,主题为 "通过艺术塑造未来"。第二届 IPAGCon 2023 计划为来自世界各地的表演艺术毕业生提供一个交流研究、想法和经验的论坛。本次会议将提供一个平台,让与会者有机会参与跨学科对话,研究新兴音乐发展趋势,促进表演艺术领域的发展。 我们欢迎来自所有表演艺术相关学科的表演艺术毕业生、研究人员、从业人员和学者提交论文。可能的演讲和讨论主题包括但不限于以下内容:



我们诚挚邀请您参加第二届 IPAGCon 2023,积极加入跨学科对话,与专业人士交流,为未来的音乐艺术做出贡献。我们期待您的参与!

Important Dates


Conference Fees


Abstract submission deadline:
31 August 2023
10 September 2023

20 September 2023

Notification of acceptance:
15 September 2023
28 September 2023

Full paper submission deadline: 10 October 2023

Video Submission deadline: 10 October 2023

E-Conference: 1st – 2nd November 2023

E-Proceedings publication: 26 November 2023

Registration and Payment deadline (Early Bird): 26 September 2023

Registration and Payment deadline (Participant/Presenter): 26 October 2023

*It will be assumed that presenters who do not register and pay by this date will not be presenting and attending the conference. His/her name will automatically be excluded from the conference program.

2023 年 8 月 31 日
2023 年 9 月 10 日
2023 年 9 月 20 日

2023 年 9 月 15 日
2023 年 9 月 28 日

论文全文提交截止日期:2023 年 10 月 10 日

视频提交截止日期:2023 年 10 月 10 日

电子会议: 2023 年 11 月 1日 -11月 2 日

电子论文集出版:2023 年 11 月 26 日

注册和付款截止日期(早鸟):2023 年 9 月 26 日

注册和付款截止日期(参会者/演讲者):2023 年 10 月 26 日 2023 年 10 月 26 日


International Presenter

Early Bird : RM200.00

Normal: RM250.00


Malaysian & UPSI Students Presenter

Early Bird: RM150.00

Normal: RM200








马来西亚和 UPSI 学生演讲者

早鸟: RM150.00